In the Moment Visuals

In the Moment Visuals:

An Array of Emotions; Now & Eternal

Quite often, we get asked; “Why ‘in the moment’ visuals”?
After pondering long and hard, day after day of editing passing, another wedding shot, another love story, we reflected and still no answer.
But often the hardest things in life are often the simplest, and the answer was thus:
There is no one moment…
Because the truth is there simply is isn't,
often what we perceive as “the moment” that we cherish the most,
is a collective of other micro moments captured and built along the way.
From the time we wake up and put our on suit & tie, to the moment daddy unveils is little girl, to the moment that you walk in the spotlight as the beloved couple for your first dance surround by all the people you love most.
That, is being in the moment.


Part of being in the moment is having the freedom to choose what you what when you want.
Which is why we offer an A-La-Carte investment option,
so you can choose what you need and adjust per your individually.

Our pricing starts at 1200 but our average booking is averaging 2500 dollars, but that is not to say yours will be the same. We want to serve our couples & clients in the best way possible that fits their needs.

We do so by providing you flexible options and sharing with you the value of the Enhancements that are available, resulting in a no pressure purchase zone.

To inquire and connect with us or to see what we have to offer please fill out some basic contact information below.

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We like to pride ourselves in putting our couples & clients mindset, so we will of course send you details about pricing and offers,

but honestly… we can’t wait to hear from you and hear a little bit about your story and what you are looking forward to the most. So please, feel free to share what your most excited about.

If you are not a robot and can read this message; let us know if you love cheesecake as much as we do or if you prefer something else 😉